11. Etappe: Iceland and the way back to the Faroes

Salut Friends!

As you may remember, our original plan was to sail around Iceland. But after the first days at sea with very calm winds we realized, we wouldn´t make it with the time we had left. Our plan was to leave Iceland around the 20th August, to avoid the nasty weather coming in the autumm in this area. So we decided to hitchhike around Iceland for two weeks, to pick up two friends from Kiel at the airport in Keflavik (near Reykjavik). Together with Thies and Maren we were making our way back to the boat in Borgafjördur at the northeast corner of Iceland. On the 22nd August we finally started our trip back south to the Faroes – this time the weather was not in our favour…

But watch the VIDEO here to get the whole story!

We are resting here for some days before we start the leg to the Orkney Islands.

Keep it easy-

Theresa, Maren, Thies & Nico

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